New found gem

Whilst on a walk to explore the surroundings of my new abode we discovered quite possibly one of the best ‘happen upons’ ever! The MARKET Restaurant & Bar is a must visit place if you ever find yourself inexplicably wondering the streets of Hove on a morning/lunchtime/mid afternoon/evening – to be quite honest any time of the day meander.

Having been drawn in by the striking green tiled exterior we settled into a table parallel to the long bar. Having ummed and ahhhed long enough I settled on the standard brunch option – eggs benedict whilst my manlier half opted for the more adventurous american pancakes, crispy wild boar bacon and frangelico syrup. That was it, we were sold!


Brunch, brunch, brunch

The MARKET is, in their words; ‘a Marketplace; a hub; a hive of activity where you can indulge your taste buds with great food and drink.’ And they aren’t kidding. After pondering over plans for the typical “perfect night out” for Valentines weekend I decided upon MARKET. Brunch had proven a winner, therefore how could they go wrong with cocktails and dinner?!

They couldn’t, after many dishes – mostly containing truffle thanks to our addiction – and many cocktails we were left feeling tipsy and satisfied. The busy, buzzing atmosphere was great. The staff are chatty and friendly but not intrusive and we had a great night. No better way to spend an evening than perched at a bar eating mouthwatering food and ordering magical cocktails.

If you get one of the bar stools, you can both eat your own food and admire the food and drinks of others whilst it is freshly prepared right in front of you. We spent our evening playing guess the dish whilst getting more and more giggly. I definitely recommend!


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