Back to basics

So I decided to try something new. As part of the “get healthy(er)(ish)(a bit) in 2016 I thought I might as well look at what I smoother on my skin as well as what I eat and what I (attempt) to do (2,071 and counting today on the steps). Therefore my bathroom cupboards and bedside table felt the consequence of this decision. Gone are the highly chemical toners and cleansers and zit zappers and moisturizers and harsh exfoliators and mattifiers and, and, and. I decided to start again, banished are the half empty bottles of super strength this and rejuvenating that. For the next few months I am going to get to grips with making my own;

  • Moisturiser – I cannot bear dry skin
  • Lip balm – who doesn’t love their lippy
  • Body scrub – to banish the winter skin
  • Beard Wax & Oil – no one needs an unruly beard on their hands
  • Hand and cuticle balm – for those weary hands and feet

I started with some research

Online there are literally thousands of professionals, amateurs, blogs, websites, videos and tutorials on the topic of homemade beauty. Each individual or brand providing their own idea of what homemade beauty means to them. Some favoured the now much touted coconut oil, others coveted your store cupboard basics like honey, sugar and olive oil. Some focused on cosmetics others on lotions and moisturizers, some favoured men’s grooming but the ones I really liked focused on keeping things simple.

I was gifted a great book at Christmas, Annie Strole’s Homemade Beauty, and what a book! Some great ideas and concepts to follow, adapt and use as inspiration. So that is what I have done.

I used Annie’s book amongst others, online blogs, ideas and advice from friends and family, videos and a sprinkle of imagination/ crazy hedonistic “stick it in a see what happens’.

and so my first batch of lip balms and hand creams were born. After lots of research and also a smidge, ok a lot of personal preference, I settled on the following;

  • Peppermint & Vanilla lip balm
  • Peppermint lip balm
  • Honey & Vanilla lip balm
  • Yang-ylang, vanilla & lavender hand cream
  • Vanilla & lavender hand cream

Most of which are now in the hands of friends and family for trial and review! I will update when the verdicts are in.

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