Beard Oil my way: Minty face

I finally caved under the pressure, also I had technically promised. So last weekend I commenced operation beard oil. Now, not having a beard myself it does make it trickier to decide what should go into it. I wont be the one subjected to having the hopefully nice, but potentially not, aroma wafting around under my nose day and night. Likewise, not having the issue of face fuzz I also do no understand the requirements it would seem! Continue reading

Steps update: 20/06/2016

Fitbit is sadly still AWOL. The washing machine held no hope and having checked every inch of the flat, hallway and car (without logging steps may I add!) I have given up hope. So instead, I’ve pinched Ben’s and I’m back in the game. Although the update holds as much joy as the thought of my sad and lonely fitbit…. Continue reading

Talking about: Coconut Oil

Coco for coconuts

Every where you look someone is proclaiming their love for the hairy little monster. Having used it as a moisturiser and all round beautifier for a couple of years I find it amazing how popular it has become all of a sudden. Having said that, I could not have prepared myself for the list of uses that various coconutty advocates proclaim it is perfect for! Continue reading

Brunch: Brighton

Brunch is the compromise that you don’t have to wait for.

I love brunch! Brunch with visiting family, brunch with old friends, brunch with new friends, brunch in bed (yes that is acceptable on a weekend), brunch, brunch, brunch. So in light of my love for brunch I have decided to have brunch in as many places as possible and record them as I go! So far I have ticked off a couple of Brighton’s finest brunch establishments…. Continue reading

The Chilli Pickle: a time for friends


So today marks what would have been a very dear friends 31st birthday, so in a change of tradition as previously it would have been a day of wallowing and feeling sad, we decided to celebrate. After all he was known for being irritatingly upbeat and unfazed by bad news! So what better way to celebrate a friendship and remember the good times than to go for a gin based cocktail and a delicious meal.

I decided before we had even arrived that tonight Continue reading

Sit & knit


I grew up in a house with a mum who could knit with her eyes closed and a sister so intent on learning every skill imaginable that by the time we were teenagers she could swiftly knit up a scarf or hat in the time it takes most to cast on. So I dug my heels in and refused to be interested. Looking back I don’t know why. All the women in the generations before me in our family can knit and my sister was firmly being welcomed into the club. Fast forward ten years and my sister now often makes hats, scarves, jumpers, blankets and I’m not talking your straight up granny square blanket either, I’m talking multi coloured, glittery hexagons! Continue reading

Steps update…

I have lost my fitbit. So today no update, however in general I do find the prompt/guilt of knowing is encouraging/bullying me into moving more. Thanks to my handy little app I now know that I can walk 22,000 steps and not keel over, I can also actually manage to finish a day on…768 steps, yes ladies and gentlemen, 768. I think I actually achieved those walking to the kitchen via the bathroom and back a couple times one particularly lazy Sunday. However I am currently in hunt mode as I believe it can only be in one of three places: Continue reading

Propagate to accumulate 

So i’m a hoarder. There I’ve said it. When I was younger I would collect everything from marbles, to fossils, stamps, scraps from magazines, little glass nuggets (you know, the ones you get in shops to decorate flower pots and candles), issues of Vogue, rings, scarves, old birthday cards, candles – oh my gosh do I collect candles and scarves! – and now succulents.

I like to think my accidental collection of my little green friends is practical. I’ve always wanted a nice clean living space, white walls, a few candles dotted here and there and a sprinkling of plants. I find the idea of plants relaxing and therapeutic. Only one problem…I have a habit of killing them! So I bought my first succulents…and fell in love! Continue reading