Propagate to accumulate 

So i’m a hoarder. There I’ve said it. When I was younger I would collect everything from marbles, to fossils, stamps, scraps from magazines, little glass nuggets (you know, the ones you get in shops to decorate flower pots and candles), issues of Vogue, rings, scarves, old birthday cards, candles – oh my gosh do I collect candles and scarves! – and now succulents.

I like to think my accidental collection of my little green friends is practical. I’ve always wanted a nice clean living space, white walls, a few candles dotted here and there and a sprinkling of plants. I find the idea of plants relaxing and therapeutic. Only one problem…I have a habit of killing them! So I bought my first succulents…and fell in love!


I now have them everywhere, they line my shelves, bedside tables, sideboards and bathroom cabinets. Every where you look a little green gem stares at you.

Despite this new found love I am still anywhere from green fingered! Therefore any suggestions, tips or help is highly appreciated. I have a list of links to work through promising tips and suggestions for looking after and propagating succulents longer than my line of tiny green friends. Therefore this is an introduction to a new obsession that is by no means over!

I will be back when I have learnt more! xx




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