Heaven is…


The fragrant scent of incense reaches you before you even cross the threshold, a gentle passing breeze providing a cacophony of different smells, pulling you into Dillaway & Dillaway’s clutches.

Once inside your senses are piqued further: wall hangings, throws, scarves, blankets, the list of textile offerings are endless. Sequins, mirrors and glittery threads adorn the purses, cushions and bedspreads artfully strewn about the shop. Glass knobs, incense holders and candle sticks glint in the corner of your eye.

A bookcase housing incense upon incense draws you further in, passing a table carefully covered with every treasure imaginable.

Then you find yourself ascending, up the first flight of stairs to be greeted by more beautiful creations, crewel work depicting flowers, animals and intricate patterns can be found on the handrail on the first floor.

Room upon room in this three story treasure trove are arranged and organised in such a way that it is hard to believe that anybody would ever want to leave. Even my best friend, who whimpers at the thought of “another gem shop” or “not that bookshop again” every time we enter the vicinity of Glastonbury has to be pulled begrudgingly out of Dillaway & Dillaway.

You may not think that the intricate textiles or unusual Indian furniture is for you, however before you make that decision concrete, I urge you to step inside and make sure!


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