Sit & knit


I grew up in a house with a mum who could knit with her eyes closed and a sister so intent on learning every skill imaginable that by the time we were teenagers she could swiftly knit up a scarf or hat in the time it takes most to cast on. So I dug my heels in and refused to be interested. Looking back I don’t know why. All the women in the generations before me in our family can knit and my sister was firmly being welcomed into the club. Fast forward ten years and my sister now often makes hats, scarves, jumpers, blankets and I’m not talking your straight up granny square blanket either, I’m talking multi coloured, glittery hexagons!

So two Christmas’ ago I took a deep breath and asked to be shown, and was born my first knitted creation! Now I am by no means going to stretch the truth and say I loved it, or that I was a natural. It took two painful weeks of non-stop knitting, unpicking, knitting, unpicking, knitting…. To make one fairly straight scarf. But I did feel proud and I felt like I could work on it.

It took a year before my next attempt, this time a bright red scarf, however unlike the overambitious first attempt I stuck to a straight knit, no purling; success! So I made another and another and another. I had cracked it. Cast on, knit like crazy then cast off. I felt a sense of self sufficiency, no more requests for mum to unpick and work out the mess, I could do this!

Over the next few weeks I continued my efforts with scarf after scarf. Then arrived the loom! The loom wasn’t bought by me, I’m not even sure it was bought for me – It was a purchase of Ben’s to try and join in on “the craft he will lose me too” so that we could do something together that was relaxing but not sitting in front of a TV.

As sad as it sounds the loom opened up a world beyond straight lines and scarves but without the need for over complicated patterns, knitting is a new hobby after all and something for relaxing not stressing over instructions – that comes later! So lazy looming became the new obsession.

Since Christmas I have become addicted to the loom, so much so that we now have 8 all together and between us we can make two hats a day – production is in full swing. Knitting on a loom is something I have grown to find relaxing and almost meditative. It is simple and repetitive, which I am aware sounds dull and boring to some. But you know those times when your mind is buzzing and you have the fidgets but you need to stop and relax before bed or to destress before a particular event. I promise if you don’t meditate (which I do but it’s not always the option you want) Loom! Just ten minutes focuses your mind on one repetitive action and stops some the background Buzz…Buzz…Buzzing! You may find, like I have done on many occasions, you are still there 3 hours later, but the fact still stands that it relaxes and helps you unwind!

Thanks to this new obsession I have opened an Etsy shop. There is nothing much there at the moment, summer isn’t the time most people think, “Woolly hat!” However towards September it will fill up with our various creations as Ben is a human radiator and my collection of hats and scarves cannot possibly get any bigger until we own a mansion!


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