Brunch: Brighton

Brunch is the compromise that you don’t have to wait for.

I love brunch! Brunch with visiting family, brunch with old friends, brunch with new friends, brunch in bed (yes that is acceptable on a weekend), brunch, brunch, brunch. So in light of my love for brunch I have decided to have brunch in as many places as possible and record them as I go! So far I have ticked off a couple of Brighton’s finest brunch establishments….

No.1 The Seven Stars Brighton – website


Having seen the menu many times but never ventured inside (had to believe as they stock a fair few gins too!) I decided one rainy weekend to meet my friend for a catch up over a highly anticipated brunch.

I had, wait for it: Avocado, Nduja sausage, poached egg, lime and chilli, Sourdough toast – DELICIOUS

Sophie had: Veggie Halloumi Hash – smoked Halloumi, fried potatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, poached eggs, hot sauce (v)  – I am assured DELICIOUS

The pub itself is unusual and not your standard boozer; with a mixture of rough brickwork, caged seating, culinary creations and gin I highly recommend dipping in there to avoid the busy morning rush or, like us, to escape the rainy day.

No. 2 The Breakfast Clubwebsite

GO! That is all I really have to say. After my journey into the world of the Breakfast Burrito (Chorizo, scrambled egg, roasted peppers, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar & spicy pepper sauce) I can’t imagine not being able to have one. Located in Market Street, a busy little square, I recommend you get there early and get a window seat, likewise on a sunny day, escape the midday sun and people watch as you sip smoothies or if the mood takes you a cocktail or two whilst digging into the most delicious, Mexican inspired food.

No. 3 The Market – website

If you have read my post ‘New found Gem‘ you will already understand my love for this place. Having discovered it via brunch it absolutely had to make the list. I did have the obligatory eggs Benedict, however Ben went a little more exotic and ordered American pancakes, crispy wild boar bacon and frangelico syrup, yes I will repeat, crispy wild boar bacon and frangelico syrup! How could you not want to go and at least give this place a try!

So that rounds up my current list of places to go…keep an eye out for the next three! Or, perfect your own, this was my last attempt, pleased as punch!




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