Steps update: 20/06/2016

Fitbit is sadly still AWOL. The washing machine held no hope and having checked every inch of the flat, hallway and car (without logging steps may I add!) I have given up hope. So instead, I’ve pinched Ben’s and I’m back in the game. Although the update holds as much joy as the thought of my sad and lonely fitbit….

  • Monday: 2,098 (always a low day)
  • Tuesday: Don’t know!
  • Wednesday: Don’t know!
  • Thursday: 6,952
  • Friday: 5,510
  • Saturday: 4,125

I can see a pattern forming….wait for it…..

  • Sunday: 15 (yep that’s it, no comma ‘000’)

I lost my mojo towards the end of last week, however after a day of nothing and I really do mean nothing I plan on seeing some definite improvement this week! I suffer with a bad back thanks to many, many slips, trips and falls and find that the walking really helps relax and undo the damage of sitting at a desk all day long. So I have found a new tracker, indulged in doing nothing and now I aim to get my feet back in gear!

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