Beard Oil my way: Minty face

I finally caved under the pressure, also I had technically promised. So last weekend I commenced operation beard oil. Now, not having a beard myself it does make it trickier to decide what should go into it. I wont be the one subjected to having the hopefully nice, but potentially not, aroma wafting around under my nose day and night. Likewise, not having the issue of face fuzz I also do no understand the requirements it would seem!

So I asked for some input, the brief:

  • Moisturising for the skin & beard– nobody wants a dry chin & I feel moisturizing is the key here…
  • Help to make it soft – nobody wants face fuzz – think more shimmering mane!
  • Add shine and help with shaping the beard – yes we are creating a masterpiece here
  • Smell nice – I would have made this priority number one personally!
  • Obviously chemical and horribleness free


So now I had a brief I could start working out what would achieve the required specifications. Obviously some kind of carrier oil was first on my list.My selection: sweet almond oil, why? Let me tell you.

Sweet Almond oil

Sweet Almond Oil is the king of moisturising, yes THE KING. Containing more monounsaturated fat than other oils enables it to saturate deeper into the hair and skin providing not only short term hydration but a long term solution. Mild and hypoallergenic it is a perfect carrier oil for many applications (I did also happen to have a very large bottle of it which helped sway my choice) however this does in no way reduce its amazing benefits. It has only a hint of smell so is perfect for mixing with your own choice of essential oils and is great for treating eczema and dandruff, which ladies is indeed a problem with those manly manes! Sweet Almond Oil is also great for nails so unless those men are whipping out the gloves they will also be helping their hands!

Sweet Almond oil is by no means the only option you could select; Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Sesame oil and coconut oil are just a few others you could pick from depending on what you want. Likewise all oils mentioned can be used in a host of other applications, so if you have a preference or a favourite aside of Sweet Almond Oil do not worry!

The next step was what do I add. I don’t think I would get away with simply filling bottles with Almond Oil! So I went back to the brief….

  • Moisturising for the skin and beard– TICK
  • Help to make it soft – TICK
  • Add shine and help with shaping the beard – TICK – more on shaping to come soon – BEARD BALM in the answer
  • Smell nice
  • Obviously chemical and horribleness free TICK…so far so good anyway

Smell nice…  

This was definitely going to create a divide. The first suggestion provided was “Bubblegum!” However on this occasion I have suggested starting with something slightly fresher, as smelling bubblegum for 12 hours straight might be a little sickening. So we decided on trialing a mixture of peppermint and the more subtle spearmint, which when mixed together provides a fresh and uplifting scent. As a side note – I was tempted to add eucalyptus to see if it would help with the snoring, you know, make breathing fresh and easy, but I decided this was a little mean without some prior warning! Imagine 12 hours with a pot of vicks strapped to the end of your nose!

At this point I am pretty happy with the mixture based on the brief and all ingredients are organic with no nasty or harsh chemicals. I also gave the potion a boost in the shape of some vitamin e oil. Hailed as an antioxidant it certainly cannot hurt. Especially for those out there partial to a cigarette – you might want to smoke but your beards don’t lads, keep ’em safe and cover them in oil. Your beard will thank you and so will everyone else! So I bottled up in these great little dropper bottles ready for testing. Is Minty face a hit? I will have to let you know!

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