I don’t do birthdays 

I like to celebrate.

That is a statement of fact and a personal mantra. Birthdays, Christmas, new jobs, babies, weddings, new friends, old friends, moving home, coming home, holidays you name it i’ll find a away to celebrate it. So as August approached I knew it was time to start planning. It wasn’t a milestone or an especially important one, but it was a birthday and it was our first together. On top of that, I am with the ultimate anti birthday individual on the planet. I have never met someone who takes such disinterest in the one day of the year you can be a tiny bit “me!” So I decided that he needed reeducating….with a week long birthday!

Requirements for a successful birthday for the man that “doesn’t do birthdays”;

  • Breakfast with Dad 
  • Friends for relaxed but fun evening playing pool
  • Birthday breakfast for the ultimate hangover cure
  • Family dinner with Mum and partner, brother & partner, gran and uncle
  • Copious amounts of alcohol, decorations, and wrapping paper
  • Presents
  • A teeny tiny trip with his best mate and I

So I started organising and after lots of texts, calls, research and arranging I came up with a finalized plan! I should double check but I think he would now agree, birthdays aren’t that bad!

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