Autumn ready

So, it’s been a while….but i’m back! Back from a summer of crazy amounts of running here, there and everywhere. Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I spent all summer at festivals and sunning my self in exotic locations as that is very much NOT the case (I did go to Majorca but it was a very laid back affair and not one bit extravagant). However the summer months seem to affect my attitude towards all thing social and I make plans after plans for visiting and hosting everyone I can think of. I arrange coffee dates, drink dates, weekends at home in Somerset, weekends hosting in Brighton, trips with friends and bbqs on the beach – I just can’t help myself! And it has been wonderful! But I have slipped on the “making and doing” front. So as we wave goodbye to September next week I already find myself settling down and getting cosy for the autumn to take over and winter to slowly return.

Light weight straw hats have been packed away and the bright and delicate scarves of the summer have been exchanged for the heavy knits and warm wraps for the cooler months. I have had an “autumn clear out” and rearranged the workspace ready to hunker down and enjoy quiet nights in “pottering about” as I like to refer to it.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I haven’t made anything, I just haven’t made as much or put any time, effort or focus into letting people know what I have been up to! Therefore, now that the cooler months are upon us and my social life has died down to what is reasonable and acceptable, I vow to return attention to all things crafty!

I did announce at the end of August, the “grand opening” of my etsy shop, however this was little more than a brief “hello!”. Therefore now I am back, and have lots of exicting new additions to my repetoire (JEWELLERY!!!) I shall make the effort to celebrate it in style – firstly in the form of its very own update!


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