So I’ve been thinking about what else I would like to have a go at, what interests me and what I like doing. As recently I have found myself making things for me (bracelets is a case in point!), which is great for my wrists and for gifts for others but it’s not exactly a new hobby…more of an old obsession that I have knowingly indulged in!

So I’ve taken inspiration from things I own and things I love and I’ve come up with the idea of patters. Yes, I know, patterns is a very broad and vague ‘thing’. However when I look around at items I own, or even think about how I visualize things in my head, patterns is what is apparent.

I absolutely adore the many items that have returned, on one occasion in my luggage but on many occasions with my sister and mother, from India and Peru. Beautiful textiles that sing loud with patterns and colours. My scarf collection that is teaming with intricate designs and blockwork carefully placed on washbags to create lines and swirls and zig zags. Even today whilst discussing “things as colours” in the office with my colleague I got to the recollection that I picture numerical sequences as distinctive patterns that help me remember numbers and calculate sums.

So where am I going with this? Well recently I discovered that my secondary school art teacher has announced her retirement and upon reading that she has finally hung upon her paint splattered apron it got me thinking about all the crazy and fun things I got to try my hand at whilst a student of hers.

So with my newly highlighted interest in patterns I’ve decided I am going to try my hand at print making! Starting with good old lino cutting. I already collect wooden stamps from the various places that I and my loved ones have visited. However as well as deciding I really should use these little treasures more, and ‘oh my!’ the patterns I will be able to make with them, I would like to make my own. Now, before I continue I should explain that I am extremely accident prone and have recently celebrated one year with no broken bones (yes this is an achievement) so print making (the carving section of the activity), even of the lino variety should be interesting!

Now, I do plan on having a go at making my own stationary as I used to be a keen letter writer, so having my own personal note cards would be lovely! Likewise, I AM OBSESSED WITH TEXTILES! Scarves, hats, bags, blankets, cushions, throws, dressing gowns even tea towels! Anything soft with a nice pattern and I am happy. So why not make my own! I have ordered the (I think) necessary supplies and next weekend when I have been abandoned for two long day shifts by the boy I plan on having a bloody good go!

If any of you out there reading this has any experience, suggestions, tips or tricks please get in touch and let me know. Between now and next Saturday I will be researching my new endeavour and who knows, maybe they will appear in the shop….or kept and coveted in my already overfilled abode!

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