Let’s go away: Winchester

Sod it, let’s go away!

Last minute trips are not usually something that I indulge in, as quite frankly I normally book around 12 weeks ahead for various trips, visits, activities, life chore weekends – which I often refer to as ‘time to potter about about’.

So out came the phone and before I could think my thumb was already hovering on the Airbnb app.

“Where shall we go?”…”Winchester!” I answered my own question.

So I set to, searching through the pages and pages of various little dwellings that we could call home for the weekend until I stumbled upon the one! I have stayed in a Shepherds hut once before, with my mother during a week long ‘adventure’ for her 60th birthday and I have spent many nights under canvass; so I am not unused to confined living – plus I have spent the last four years renting in Brighton & Hove! It looked perfect. More like a boutique hotel on wheels and the reviews spoke for themselves – ” The extra touches…laid on in the Hut were perfect”.

Now to convince the boy. I very quickly got the impression that when I said weekend away he pictured a plane and at least one hotel, not Winchester and a Shepherds hut. However after showing him the listing and assuring him we needed a RELAXING weekend he agreed to give it a go.

We arrived at The Little Fox Hut just before 8pm on the Friday and on entering the Hut discovered we had made the best decision. Beautifully decorated it was certainly more high end boutique hotel than camping, even of the glamorous kind. On opening the fridge we further discovered that we had everything we needed to survive the night plus two breakfasts AND marshmallows to toast over the fire outside. The last discovery decided the evening activity – fire, marshmallows and a glass of fizz – perfect start to a very relaxing weekend!

The next two days we spent wandering the many streets of Winchester, around every corner finding a new side street that we hadn’t yet explored and both evenings we finished by our little fire. I have to say I can’t recommend little weekend aways enough, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. It’s more about slowing down and taking time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Giving yourself time to stop and think without tidying, food shopping, watching TV, working, cleaning…the list goes on. Neither the boy or I are very good at stopping or sitting still. So we make sure that every once in a while we have a weekend like this, a weekend where you spend two whole days not worrying about LIFE, living in your comfy clothes and enjoying the simpler things. You can even do this at home – given the willpower to not touch technology! It’s not about spending money, it’s about spending time stopping and eating marshmallows by the fire.

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