“Only boring people get bored”… this is a phrase that I learnt as a young child and a phrase that I will  no doubt in the future repeat to my own children. It is a saying that I remember hearing as I sat, with my younger sister, whining about being ‘booooored’ on the bottom step of the stairs in my parents house. I remember it well, as there is really very little you can retort as a six year old staring up at your mother other than the thoroughly thought through, “I’m not boring!” “Well stop moaning and go outside and play then, or paint, or tidy your room, or…or…”the list was endless.


As a child I wanted nothing more than to grow up into a modern day Beatrix Potter. And therefore from an early age I had an interest in being creative – not knitting though, didn’t like knitting. Nan always tried but it just didn’t take my fancy.


However whilst at school my art teacher – a vivacious lady with a lopsided colourful hair cut – sparked my imagination. Walking in to her art class was like walking into another world – where fabrics hung from the ceiling, canvasses and paint pots protruded from every nook and jars were stuffed full with beads, buttons, coloured water, glitter and conkers (what more could a child wish for?). The room captured even the most dormant imagination – eyes darted the walls/ ceilings/ floors searching out the various wonders. Under her watchful eye my painting progressed and I moved to other mediums to help express my over active imagination – pencil – pen and ink – charcoal –  photography.


I then moved on to college and further expanded my knowledge and passion taking A-Level art. Although not the most technically accurate I was able to progress – establishing my own unique style. I tried new techniques – etching – litho printing – image transfer methods. It was whilst at college that my interest in different textures took off (I remember a particularly riveting documentation of bricks I’d photographed from the walls surrounding Chester) . I also began writing.


After college I moved away to university and then on to my first “proper job” as a marketing coordinator/ logistical wizard. I was now living in Bournemouth spending weekdays at work and my weekends trawling up and down the country visiting people. I got up early for the gym and spent my evenings in with house mates recovering from long weekends, so quite frankly I felt a little lost.



So I moved to Brighton like any lost person would do and here I am! Working as a electronics marketing consultant by day and an avid avoider of being “booooored” by night.
I spend hours conjuring up all sorts of ideas as to how I can recycle everyday objects, bake new masterpieces and generally design the internal spaces of the magic house. I dream of places I miss and places i’ve never been. Activities that as a child (or still as an adult like me) you assume you will one day do and master, such as; skateboarding, writing a book, cliff jumping, gymnastics, knitting….yes KNITTING!


 Therefore I am going to keep this blog to serve as a diary and scrapbook of ideas old and new. Inspiration I stumble across, projects I endeavour to complete (i’m a terribly fickle, procrastinating and impatient individual at times!), places I visit and places I recommend, activities I try and food I cook. I hope you enjoy. x