Salvage: A perfect brunch

I left the flat this weekend! Only briefly and under a certain amount of duress but I went, despite it being freezing and the flat being lovely and cosy and a place to hide until Monday. I went under one condition though, that we could go to my favourite place for a coffee, that also happens to be just round the corner!

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I love it! There are so many things to look at and to wonder at. I love the fact you can pick one of the jumbled table and chairs, place your order and then sit and admire the wonderfully  eclectic mix of new and old and bought and made items on display. Ladders adorn the walls creating storage for a selection of records, dried roses hang from branches suspended from the ceiling, stained glass pop art hangs in the window whilst spoons can be found in the ornate glass panel in the door. Trumpets are used like embellishments to cover the walls whilst the counter is covered in glass cloche’s revealing enough cakes and treats to meet almost anyones dietary requirements.  

We found this place by chance not long after I moved into my flat, on a very urgent hunt for breakfast, that we needed NOW and not later and we certainly weren’t prepared to cook it ourselves. I had passed Salvage many times often wondering what lay beyond the maze of french style table and chairs that line the pavement. So in we went.

A hive of activity and a diverse clientele greeted us on the other side. Dog owners and their fluffier companions, mums and their tots, friends giggling over the good times, individuals reading newspapers and couples chatting away busily like we normally are; everyone was there enjoying their morning coffee and readily ordering extra water for the teapot and giving into a slice of cake or a blondie.

We settled for a table in the window and ordered our (vegetarian) breakfasts. Yes, we hadn’t realised until we were scrolling the menu that our new find was of the vegetarian variety. Perfect for me as I don’t eat a lot of meat, trickier for the hungry other half. However we both found something we fancied and ordered.

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“Delicious” was the word of the day when asked how our food had been and ‘delicious’ is what it has been every day since. In fact my only piece of advice; don’t attempt the pancakes if you’re diabetic! They are huge! They also come beautifully drizzled in syrup and are too good to not finish. The sausage sandwich with chewy toast and some magical onion chutney is also great for a savoury but still slightly sweet hit.

So we go back, time and time again. I’ve even snuck out for cake and tea before lunch and dinner just to share a brownie and watch the world go by. I highly recommend!

Website: Salvage