Steps update…

I have lost my fitbit. So today no update, however in general I do find the prompt/guilt of knowing is encouraging/bullying me into moving more. Thanks to my handy little app I now know that I can walk 22,000 steps and not keel over, I can also actually manage to finish a day on…768 steps, yes ladies and gentlemen, 768. I think I actually achieved those walking to the kitchen via the bathroom and back a couple times one particularly lazy Sunday. However I am currently in hunt mode as I believe it can only be in one of three places: Continue reading

Happy & healthy

This year I vowed to get healthy *groan* and so I have embarked on a mission to walk and work out as much as realistically possible within my normal day. The thought of getting up at 5am and returning to the gym at 7pm fills me with dread. Therefore it is my goal to fit my exercise around me and my lifestyle…..

so I bought a pedometer to assess expectations – I walk AT LEAST 12,000 steps a day  – against reality…..I walk MAXIMUM 2,000 steps a day!!! Continue reading